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What is the Scary Meter?

The Scary Meter is a made-up factor that represents the scariness of a movie. The score is the average of the user-based ratings that we receive from the movie pages, the algorithm is not complete ready yet, so scores might change in the future.


I would like to reset my Scary Meter Rating, how do I do this?

Unfortunately, currently you are not able to reset your rating. But if you could send us am email with your IP address which will allow us to find your rating and reset this for you. In the near future we will provide a reset button.


How can I edit my review?

Just like the answer above, you are not able to edit your review yet, you could instead mail us with the username and movie name where your review is placed, and we will take care of the rest.


How can I add a horror movie?

We would like to keep our list as specific as possible, which is why we have not a way for users to add movies themselves. In the near future we will provide an easy way to request a title, until then.. would you kindly mail us the title? We will take a look at it and add it within 24 hours.


How do I make an account to comment?

The comment system is provided by the popular platform Disqus. In order to comment on our website with an avatar (You are able to comment with only a nickname) you will be required to create an account on their website.


How can I become a writer?

We welcome writers with open arms! Finding good writers is very difficult, if you are considering of lending us your helping hand then read our Become a Writer page.


Where is the forum?

We do have plans to start a forum in the future, this will come together with a login system for the website, but for now.. hold on!


If you did not find the answer to your question here.. feel free to contact us anytime!