18 September 2016

Scaredtowatch has received the unique opportunity of reviewing an unreleased, independent, short horror film. 

Starfucker is but a minute long, but during its short runtime, it manages to create a new, confident universe. Relying on shades of red, yellow and gray, writer Emilie Flory develops the tropes of blood and bleakness that will its denouement will eventually evoke. Unlike many other horror shorts, director Tariel Meliava has managed to turn this short film into a piece with artistic presence. Color is vibrant, items have purpose, and even the simple transition of the title is well thought out. The film reminded me of The Neon Demon, and - as cinematics go - it doesn't get much better than that. 

The plot is somewhat predictable, but given the limited runtime, such is understandable. What they have done, they have done well. There are even Easter eggs embedded within the film. A quick flash of blood on the back of the star, for instance, creates a story with much more depth than the one portrayed in the minute allotted. The producers behind this film have created an intriguing, memorable short. I am excited what they will come out with next. 

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Toby Qualls