05 January 2017
Agatha Screencap

Agatha is an excellent short horror film that creates tension and fear through its visual atmosphere and amazing sound design. It tells the story of Sophie, a young orphan who is hired by an older woman to deliver food to a mysterious figure in a dark room. Sophie is given very specific instructions for what seems to be a very simple task but soon realizes there is much more to this job than she expected.

This film brilliantly presents an eerie and atmospheric picture which takes place in 1800’s era Pennsylvania. The set design and attention to detail elevates this feeling of eeriness and makes the location of the story feel grounded in reality. The use of lighting and color in the short film succeed in creating a frightening atmosphere throughout the story which portrays the fear instilled into our protagonist. The sound design is perhaps one of the strongest qualities of the film and emphasizes the qualities mentioned above.

The story itself is brief and short on dialogue but is nevertheless brilliant. It is revolved around a simple concept but eventually unravels and reveals a more frightening story than we had expected.  The excellent direction of this film allows to take in the story without the heavy of unnecessary exposition and causes us to feel the isolation and the tension felt by our protagonist. The main actress wonderfully portays the anxiousness and fear that the situation creates in our protagonist. 

This short film has definitely made an impression on me and I would recommend this for fans of slow burning, atmospheric horror films. 

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Alvaro O.

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