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Do women get sexual pleasure from walking riding etc

Mon Jan 14, 2019 12:12 pm


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п»їHomosexual attraction is on the rise among French women
The Reference Sex site wanted to join forces with Ifop to conduct a survey of French women: what about today's sexual attraction to other women? The results of this survey are rather clear: homosexual practices are increasing in France, but also around the world. Women more and more attracted to both sexes
Today, a young French woman under 25 in four admits having already been attracted by another woman. The proportion has tripled in ten years, since in 2018, only 7% of women under 25 years admitted a homosexual attraction to Ifop pollsters.
However, this increase is not restricted to young people: 18% of women polled, regardless of age category, shared this same-sex desire, compared to only 6% in 2018. In addition, 21% of French women have already kissed another woman (the figure is much higher among those under 25, since 45% of them have already experienced the kiss on the mouth between girls). The homosexual experience on the rise While a majority of respondents never jumped, others reveal having already had a homosexual experience. While in 1970, 2% of French women had already slept with another woman, today they are 10% to have jumped! However, practices do not necessarily rhyme with sexual identities: only 3% of the respondents declare themselves "bisexual", and 1.5% "lesbians". François Kraus, director of the Political Center / News of the Ifop, analyzes these recent results based on culture and mentalities in France: according to him, some movies, series, music videos and others coming out
stars have allowed some "glamorization of bisexuality". He adds that "this evolution of French women in this area reflects a greater social acceptance of female homosexuality in its factual form - the sexual relation with a person of the same sex - more than in its identity form: the affirmation of a identity homo or bisexual remaining marginal in the female population. " France in the average of the Western countries France is far from being the only one to obtain such results: between 1990 and 2018, the proportion of bisexual relations doubled in the United States. The Netherlands and Canada obtain 14% and 13%, respectively, of homosexual experiences. Only the Latin and Catholic countries do not exceed the 10% mark, with a result of 7% in Spain, and 3% in Italy. Also read: Being raised by homosexual parents does not affect not the children
See also: Lesbians, bisexuals: these stars who assume
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