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'Why Martial Drives Me Crazy'

Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:25 am

A former Manchester United star has explained why French winger Anthony Martial "drives him crazy".The 22-year-old has been in good form for the Red Devils in recent weeks, scoring four maxbet goals in his past three Premier League appearances.Phil Neville, who spent eight years in United's first team, has now spoken of his frustration with Martial, whom he believes should be covering far more ground."There's never been a player over the last 10 years at Manchester United that I have been confused by as much (as Martial). I cannot make my mind up," he told Sky Sports."Sometimes I think he is brilliant and other weeks I think that I am not sure he is a Manchester United player."What drives me crazy about him is his off-the-ball work. He doesn't know where to be and where to run at the right times."He's either a five or a nine and what you want is a seven or maxbet eight with the odd nine."I looked at the physical stats of Martial and the other players like (Sadio) Mane and (Mohamed) Salah and again, I got the shock of my life. I thought, 'That's why Deschamps, Mourinho and others don't fancy you.'"Look at the players in and around him. Mane runs almost 2km more. Hazard – who gets accused of not maxbet working hard – runs 1.5km more than Martial. Martial is well down on his physical stuff."This is not about defensive work but about making those runs."

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